Chiropractic Care: Helping You Live Longer & Stronger In Shorewood WI

Chiropractic Care: Helping You Live Longer & Strong In Shorewood WI

Chiropractor Shorewood WI Monica Maroney Adjusting Patient

By Monica Maroney, DC of Shorewood Family Chiropractic

Longevity is linked to multiple factors including nutrition, exercise, community and social relationships. Genetics also plays a role in predicting our lifespan although we don't have the opportunity to influence this factor as we do our lifestyle choices. One of the top lifestyle choices we can influence is our ability to maintain regular activity throughout our life. This includes all forms of activity like walking or hiking, gardening, riding our bike to the store or even babysitting our grandchildren. If we find ourselves avoiding certain activities due to injuries, pain or discomfort it becomes important to seek professional medical advice to safely resume activity as soon as possible. In my opinion, easy access to affordable healthcare is one important factor affecting our longevity and quality of life.

Over the past 20 years as a chiropractor in Shorewood, I have seen many people of all ages with complaints of pain that are limiting their activity. Our social relationships and sense of purpose may be negatively affected by our inability to maintain regular activity. My goal as a healthcare provider is always to improve the quality of life for my patients by allowing them to be as active as possible. That might include showing up for a doubles tennis match, taking a dance class with a partner or simply being able to bend over and pick up their toddler.

Shorewood is an excellent community for residents to improve their longevity. We have access to bike trails, water and public playgrounds. Our village is a walkable community. I am grateful to live and work in Shorewood as that allows me to bike or walk to work and say hi to my neighbors along the way. Fortunately, we also have multiple healthcare options within our community to ensure all residents are able to stay as healthy as possible. This is a great place to embrace community and stay active along the way.


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